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Cohiba – Siglo 2


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The Cohiba Siglo II is considered to be one of the finest Mareva (Petit Corona) cigars on the market; it’s difficult to argue with this assumption. Its construction is flawless and entirely vein free, allowing it to smoke with perfect combustion from the tip to the band. The Cohiba Siglo II has a strong pre-light cedar aroma, but as it burns flavours of coffee, dark chocolate and spice become more prominent, providing the perfect consistency of creamy smoothness to complement the dominant woody taste. The further down the Cohiba Siglo II burns the richer it becomes, which creates an even more fragrant aroma that’s simply heaven on the senses.

To this day Cohiba production is tightly controlled, and only 5% of cigars made from Cuba bear the Cohiba marque.

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