Savinelli Pipes

Whether it’s a handmade Freehand or one of the marque’s classical shapes, Savinelli has proudly established and maintained a new precedent for Italian pipemaking.

Fueled by Achille Jr.’s conviction that Italy should provide the world with not only the finest briar, but the finest pipes, the brand has shifted the spotlight away from English or French marques for the serially produced pipe and has become a bulwark in the pipe community. But this success isn’t exclusive to the Italian market; Savinelli has created a strong presence internationally. Some of this latter success is, in no small part, due to the efforts of Laudisi Distribution Group, the current U.S. distributor of Savinelli pipes.

Working closely with the Savinelli team, the group has helped to develop the international market for Savinelli pipes by providing cutting-edge marketing materials and a broader range of offerings to online and B&M retailers all over the U.S.—all with the goal of ensuring the brand’s longevity and relevance for years to come.

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